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Arts & Entertainment

Musicians, Entertainers, and Artists of all kinds. You have been gifted with unique and extraordinary talents! Have you wondered why you have these gifts, and how God may want to use them to bless others both inside and outside the church? Join CONNEXUS and get to know other artists & entertainers with similar callings. Discover how together we can bring the Kingdom of God to our community through the Arts.


What does it mean to run a “Christian business”? Is it simply upholding standards such as truth and honesty, or is it MUCH more? Is profit the “end”, or the “means to an end”? Do you have more to offer God’s kingdom than just your money? Do you feel like your spiritual calling amounts to being a perpetual private in God’s army, or do you know that you can be full-fledged General, and the resources of heaven are behind you? Come meet with Christian leaders in your community with similar spiritual callings, and let’s see what God will do with us!


As a local church are you equipping your congregation to “Go” as Jesus commanded in Matt 28:19. Is Sunday morning viewed as the “main event”, or should it be “locker room prep” for the rest of the week? Do your church members know how to grow and function in their God-given spiritual gifts OUTSIDE the walls of your church? Join CONNEXUS today and together let’s reach ALL the members of our community.


As an educator, you have been given a very special calling close to the heart of God, with powerful eternal purpose. The bible has much to say about the importance and responsibilites of those who teach! Have you ever wondered how you can share the love and life-giving truth of the gospel with your students and coworkers? Join and connect with like-minded teachers, administrators and professors, who desire to find practical ways to impact students and their families in your community?


As we open the first pages of the bible, we see that God spends most of the 1st chapter of Genesis revealing how He created the entire universe. However, it is interesting to note that He quickly moves to the story of FAMILY, and devotes the next 49 chapters of Genesis to tell it! Do you know how important your calling to FAMILY is to God? Do you understand that you are right where are you supposed to be, and there is no higher calling for you? Come share your God-given purpose and learn how you AND your family can eternally impact your community for God’s Kingdom.


All authority is appointed by God, and God has much to say on the subject. If you find yourself in a position of influence in Government of any kind, you have an important God-given purpose! We want to encourage you in your position by connecting you with other believers in similar roles, and empower you through unique Christ-centered networking opportunities. You have much to offer CONNEXUS as we come together in our communities for Christ!


Media touches the lives of all people, informing us, engaging us, and changing us, as we hear from you. What an incredible position of influence you have been trusted with! What does it mean to be a Christian journalist? Are you aware of God’s powerful purpose for this Kingdom tool? How can you honor God as you broadcast? Join CONNEXUS, and help one another engage the world for Christ.

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